Who We Are

At Faith Presbyterian Church, we seek to exalt Jesus Christ the King and to exhibit and extend His kingdom through worship, community, and mission.

We want to exalt the King with worship that honors Him for all His power and glory, and we want to exalt Him also for all that He has done for us in creating us and redeeming us through Jesus Christ, His Son.

We want to exhibit the Kingdom of God by way of biblical, God-honoring community. Jesus told us to love one another in both word and deed. If we will do this, it will prove to the watching world that he has come in the flesh and that we are His disciples. Thus, biblical fellowship is glorifying to God.

Our vision also includes extending God’s kingdom in the hearts and lives of men and women everywhere by way of mission. Why? Mission exists because there are people and places not worshipping God. Our goal is more worship and more glory for God. We engage in mission locally and globally as people sent by God.

Faith Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We are an evangelical church in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition. For a fuller explanation of what we believe, see the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

Faith’s Membership Classes

Foundations of Faith is for anyone interested in knowing more about Christianity or joining Faith Presbyterian.