Help for First-time Visitors

First time visitors, please see the nursery director on duty before dropping off your child so she may help you get acquainted with the nursery and answer any questions you have.

It is easiest for parents with nursery-age children to park in the upper parking lot and enter through the double doors on the right side of the building. These doors open directly to the nursery hallway.

Please fill out a security sticker and place it on your child. Then sign in at your child’s classroom door. Pagers are available if parents would like to take one with them.

What to bring: (Please label all items with your child’s name.)
• At least two disposable diapers for each child
• Pacifier, blanket, or other item of comfort
• Bottle or Sippy Cup
• Change of clothes in case of an accident

The nursery serves newborns through four-year-olds. Our goal is for the nursery to be a place where all children feel the presence and love of God, and where their first impressions of church are full of love, grace, and delight.

Monica Merrill

Monica Merrill

Early Childhood Ministry Director

8:00 amNursery opens for Sunday mornings
5:15 pmNursery opens for Sunday evening ministries
9:30 amNursery opens for Ladies’ Bible Study