Ty and Ginna Nash – Mission to the World, Thailand


Ty and Ginna are both from Alabama and attended the University of Alabama, but they met while serving in campus ministry in East Asia with Cru. After serving as interns, they returned to Alabama, married in 2015, and eventually joined long-term staff with Cru to return to East Asia. In total they spent five years there, serving in multiple cities and partnering with local churches to make disciples on university campuses.

The Lord has used a number of things to call them farther south in Asia to Bangkok, Thailand, where they will serve on a church-planting team with MTW. Ty and Ginna share a deep love for Asia and a longing for the gospel of Jesus to go forth to the millions who have never heard. The Nashes are excited to join the church-planting team in Bangkok as they continue their ministry in Asia. They have three young children: Johnny (2/2018), Harris (10/2019), and Francie (12/2021). Ty and Ginna are members at Faith.

 The MTW team in Bangkok is dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God in Thailand. Partnering closely with Thai national pastors, they support a church-planting network that has been growing throughout the city since 2000. They are deeply committed to gospel-driven evangelism and discipleship, building relationships with Thais, and building up Thai national leadership in church plants around the city. Though the work is slow and difficult at times, real change, real redemption, and real hope happen in Bangkok, and the beauty of that is worth the struggle.