Restoration Academy – Fairfield, Alabama


Restoration Academy was started in 1988 by Dr. Anthony and Sharon Gordon. They founded the school in response to divisive forces, such as crime and violence, that had ensnared many of the young people at their church and in their community. God has used the vision of Anthony and Sharon to provide a quality private education to predominantly lower-income families. They believed that every child should have access to a quality education.

To this day, the school has stayed committed to Dr. Gordon’s vision by making a quality and Christ-centered education available to children in grades K5–12. In 1999 the school relocated to the Fairfield community and is now a vital and integral part of the western area of town.

Restoration Academy takes a holistic approach to education through classroom instruction and life-on-life discipleship. The students are being invited into the classroom of life by way of their teachers’ homes, their community, and the global classroom. The students are being given a vocabulary to dream larger dreams for themselves. Over the 30 years that Restoration Academy has been educating students, its focus has been to help students live outside of themselves.

 Restoration Academy is committed to doing its best to meet individual students at their point of need and to provide dynamic instruction and curriculum, competitive sports, and outlets for kids to grow into all the potential God desires. The school’s biggest goal and prayer is that all of the students will recognize that God has called and designed them to be agents of change, peace, renewal, unity, and reconciliation in their own neighborhoods (Isaiah 58:12). Restoration Academy trusts that its students will use their education and their knowledge of Christ to bring hope to a world that is desperately in need of it. Its prayer is that upon graduation, each student will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and will be committed to following Him.