Biblica Nueva Providencia – Medellin, Colombia


Nueva Providencia Bible School is a theological school grounded in the biblical, historical, and confessional Reformed faith. Its desire is to serve God and advance His kingdom through a comprehensive theology. The school’s purpose is the educational formation of Christian men, with an emphasis on ministerial practice and the application of the Word of God in every area of life. Nueva Providencia Bible School is a ministry of the Nueva Providencia Foundation, founded by Bryant and Joan Skinner. After being involved in various ministries in Colombia for ten years, Bryant felt the need to find a place in Colombia where people could experience the presence of God through the beauty of nature and through Christian fellowship.

In 2015, the Nueva Providencia Bible School had its first group of students, and three classes graduated between 2015 and 2018. January 2020 marked the start of the new two-year program. This program was designed to integrate the knowledge students typically get at seminary with the opportunity for growing a deepening love of the Lord. The students have the ability to put into practice what they are learning in hopes that they will be equipped and encouraged to continue this work even after they graduate. The program uses Third Millennium courses, offers a monthly one-week modular course, and has a mentoring program throughout the two years. Colombian teachers teach the Third Millennium courses, and the modular courses are taught by guest professors from the US, Mexico, or Colombia.

Nueva Providencia has an additional ministry, Eventos Nueva Providencia (Events Department), that seeks to minister to the community and provides outreach to local Colombians. The Events Department was started in 2018 out of a desire to support the Bible College financially and to reach unbelieving members of the community through hosting various types of events, including weddings. While both ministries allow Nueva Providencia to share the gospel and participate in advancing God’s kingdom in Colombia, each ministry is able to do so in a unique way.